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Between 1971 and 1981 a total of 128 books were published in the Netherlands and in Flandres in the Tex Willer Classics series. A Dutch homepage, dedicated to this series and offering as much information as possible, did not yet exist. The aim of this first and only Dutch Tex Willer Homepage is to gather as much information about Tex Willer as possible - and not only about the Dutch series, also about the many other foreign series that have been (or are still being) published. And last but not least this site should be a place where Tex Willer enthusiasts from all over the world can meet, exchange information and exchange books... 


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Breaking news: new Tex editions in the Netherlands end of 2013!

Tex Willer issue 129 published after 25 years (110 copies only!)

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The Tex Willer comics find their origin in Italy, in 1948. It has been published there ever since and gradually got translated in many other languages. Other countries that still publish Tex Willer comics on a regular basis are Finland, Norway and Brasil.

Gathering information about the Dutch Tex Willer series is not so easy. The comics have not been published over 20 years now and not much has been written in comic magazines. However, after more 20 years of silence, in January 2003 a brand new Tex Willer album was published in Holland (and Belgium)! It was the first issue of a series consisting of four books in total, named "The four killers" or "De vier moordenaars" in Dutch. This series cannot be compared with the old books from the 1979s. These new books are in full colour and in "A4" format - the only similarity is the cowboy with his yellow shirt and blue jeans...

This site is always under construction, especially the lay-out should be smoothened. But for the time being it is more important to gather information about Tex Willer and to publish this on the web. Updates will  be uploaded on a regular basis, so please bookmark with your favourites and visit the site every now and then.

At this moment only this introduction page has been translated into English. Please give me some time and more pages of this website will be translated. However, I trust that the illustrations and cover scans will be interested to any of you.

Although the Dutch Tex Willer comic books are the most important subjects for this homepage, more and more information about other countries has been gathered over the years. The series in Finland, Norway, Germany and the UK were identical to the Dutch books. There are also close ties with Danish and Swedish series.

Any help from anybody will be much appreciated! If you have more information about Tex Willer publications in your own country, please drop me a line at: erik (at) texwiller (dot) nl - sorry for this "encrypted" e-mail address but I am received lots of spam through my website... Anyway, I am constantly searching for new facts and I am always happy to exchange a few Tex Willer books...