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Hello, and thanks for your interest in the first and the only Dutch Tex Willer Homepage. The adventures of Tex Willer were published in Holland and Belgium from 1971 until 1981. During this period, 128 books were published. After issue 128 the series stopped abruptly, leaving the last story with an open end.....

If you want to have a look at all 128 covers of the Dutch series, just click here. To view some "foreign" Tex Willer books (maybe even from your country) - click here.

Great news however in January 2003.... a new episode for the Dutch Tex Willer stories has been published: the saga "the four murderers" will also be published in Holland - "De vier moordenaars".

Do you wanna exchange Tex books?

I have plenty of Dutch Tex Willer books for exchange purposes. I am always looking for exchanging them with foreign Tex Willer fans..... Especially from Germany, England,  Sweden, Denmark, former Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey and Spain, but also Italy, Norway, Finland and Brazil. I am especially looking for foreign Tex adventures which have the same stories and the same front covers as in the old Dutch series (see the above mentioned link). So if you have any of these books, please contact me at info (at) texwiller (dot) nl. Sorry, to much spam arriving in my mailbox...!

Or if you have any other information that might help with this homepage - just let me know.....it is always nice to be in contact with Tex Willer fans from all over the world.

Greetings from Holland,