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In Sweden the very first Tex Willer adventures were already published in the late forties of the last century! In those days stories were published in a magazine named  "Seriemagasinet" (at least, that is the name of the Norwegian translation of this Swedish magazine - exact Swedish name not known).

The second time Tex appeared in Sweden was in 1962 when a series in piccolo (or striscia) format got published.

Tex' adventures appear in a series named "Trio-serier". Not in each number from this series, sometimes other western heroes were published. Tex Willer stories are known to have been published in numbers 1 to 4 and 33 to 52. Covers seem to have been designed by local Swedish artists. Even worse: some of the covers (or all of them?) are copies from similar cowboy comics published earlier in Sweden under the name of "Mikki", only cowboy Mikki has been changed into cowboy Tex! 

In 1971 Tex finally gets his real own magazine. Just like in other Northern and Western European countries. This series is identical to the Dutch series (click on the titles to view cover scans).

1971 - 1. i Alarm vid Fort Summer
1971 - 2. Och Falskmyntarna
1971 - 3.. Hövding över Navajo-Indianerna
1971 - 4. Navajoindianernas attack
1971 - 5. ??
1971 - 6. "Hydra revolvrar"
1971 - 7. Ormtecknet
1971 - 8. Den gömda dalen
1971 - 9. Rio Sonoras skräck
1971 - 10. Döden i öknen
1971 - 11. Väld i San Francisco

This Swedish series ends somewhere in the early eighties. Over the years the art-work on the cover changed: at first the Galep artwork disappears to be substituted by work from a local Swedish artist. A bit later the dimensions of the albums changes as well (they become bigger). Below you will find a cover of the Swedish number 1 from 1981. The stories in the books are still parallel with Holland (and Finland).

During the year 1982 another change was made. The name "Tex Willer disappeared from the magazine and changed into "Buffalo Bill". This magazine published a variety of western comicsincluding Lucky Luke, Frisco Kid and Kit Carson. It probably stopped in 1983 or 1984 (well at least the appearance of Tex stories in this magazine stopped).

So there have been four different series with Tex Willer in Sweden:

  • first series - 1940s/1950s - "Seriemagasinet"
  • second series - 1962/1963 - "Trio Serier"
  • third series - 1971/1982 - "Tex Willer"
  • fourth series - 1982/1984 - "Buffalo Bill"

That's all that is known about the Swedish Tex Willer publications. The information is far from complete... Any Swedish Tex Willer fans reading this??? If you have some more information about the Swedish Tex Willer publications please contact me at sweden (at) texwiller (dot) nl . Further, I will be happy to exchange Dutch books for Swedish Tex Willer books! Thanks in advance.