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 Number 8 from 1971    Number 11 from 1978     Number 7 from 2001


Norway has a long Tex Willer history - and it is one of the few countries outside Italy where you can still buy a new issue each month! It all started in 1951 when a Tex Willer adventure was published in the magazine "Seriemagasinet". In this magazine various Italian and American comics were published (later also French and English comics). This edition is originally Swedish, but was also translated in Norwegian.

Seriemagasinet from 1954

Tex Willer adventures appeared on the last pages of the magazine. Since the cover and back were published in colour, the last page of the Tex Willer story was also in colour. The presence of Tex Willer in Seriemagasinet ended in 1955. The magazine was never published with Tex on the cover. Local Swedish artists made the cowboy covers themselves. Obviously the quality of these covers were not too exciting, compared with the covers we know from Galep.

In 1971 the well known West European Tex Willer series started, also in Norway. And just like in Finland, new adventures are still being published today! The first Norwegian issues had their own Tex Willer logo, later this was changed to the "Dutch" logo. In the beginning each book had its own title. After a while the books were published without a title, but nowadays the books have a title once again.

Number 1 from 1971     Number 6 from 1979

Starting in the year 2000, albums in A4 format are published in Norway (like the Italian Maxi Tex publications). Such an album is published annually in Norway.

Tex special, number 3

Most of the information about Tex Willer in Norway was provided by two gentlemen: Jon Inge Zazzera en Tor Arne Hegna. Many more beautiful cover scans can be found with Tor Arne's homepage: en

If anybody has more relevant information, please send it to me at norway (at) texwiller (dot) nl  - thanks! If anybody wants to exchange Norwegian publications for Dutch Tex Willer books, that would be great. Especially the magazines "Seriemagasinet" and books from 1971 and 1972 would be a great addition for my collection....