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Germany has a long tradition with Tex Willer. Several series have been published here. In 1971 the first series started, parallel with Holland, England, Finland and Norway. These books are very similar to the Dutch publications. However, it must not have been a big success, since publications ware ended after only 8 issues.The publisher of this first series was Bildschriftenverlag GmbH (on the covers written as BSV) from Aachen.

Nr. 1 Die Nacht der Gefahr
Nr. 2 Der Kampf um die Eisenbahnlinie und Blut in Laredo
Nr. 3 Das Blut der Navaho
Nr. 4 Das Blut der Navaho – Der Grüne Tod – Das Blutbad am Bärenfluss
Nr. 5 Der Scharfrichter
Nr. 6 Im Zeichen des Drachens
Nr. 7 Der Pfeil mit der Schlange
Nr. 8 Der Bankraub

All these books were published in 1971. Every now and them they are being offered for sale on the internet. 

Germany had to wait until 1985, when the second series were published. This series covers 27 books in total, similar to the old Italian "striscia" from 1948. The Germans refer to this as "piccolo". Publisher is Nostalgie Comic Verlag from Ludwigshafen. 

Piccolo number 2

Nr. 1 Das geheimnisvolle Totem
Nr. 2 Der sprechende Fels
Nr. 3 Terror in Calver City
Nr. 4 Die Rote Hand
Nr. 5 Der Tödliche Pfeil
Nr. 6 Blutspur
Nr. 7 Die Geisterhand
Nr. 8 El Diablo
Nr. 9 Todesspur
Nr. 10 Terror in El Paso
Nr. 11 Im Verbrechernest von El Diablo
Nr. 12 Die Tochter des Desperado
Nr. 13 Der Mädchenräuber
Nr. 14 Am Rand des Abgrunds
Nr. 15 Einer gegen fünf
Nr. 16 Der Kapitän der River's Queen
Nr. 17 Flammen in der Nacht
Nr. 18 Menschenjagd
Nr. 19 Einer gegen zwanzig
Nr. 20 Kid Billy's Bande
Nr. 21 Überfall im Canyon
Nr. 22 Auf dem Kriegspfad
Nr. 23 Ein Waghalsiger Plan
Nr. 24 Das Geheimnis des goldenen Götzen
Nr. 25 Estrella de Rio
Nr. 26 Der Tod wartet in der Dunkelheit
Nr. 27 Die Entführung

It is difficult to find issues from this second series. A big thank you to Erno & Harri from Finland for these excellent piccolo scans!

And once again, the Germans had to wait a while before a next series started. Only in the year 2000 the third series started. Comic Club Hannover starts with a series that is known in Italy as "Tex Quindicinale". Just like in 1985, it comprises the oldest Tex Willer adventures from 1948! Therefore all drawings in the 27 books from the second series can also be found in this third series. 

The quality of the books in this third series is fantastic. It gives any Tex Willer fan the opportunity to read the oldest Tex adventures (well, most Dutch people can read German...), when he was not yet a ranger, but an outlaw. All drawings and covers are from Galep...brilliant!

1. Das geheimnisvolle Totem
2. Die Rote Hand
3. Die Geisterhand
4. Terror in El Paso
5. Bill Mohican, der Mädchenräuber
6. Der Kapitän der River's Queen
7. Einer gegen Zwanzig
8. Auf dem Kriegspfad
9. Schiesserei im Saloon
10. Blutvergiessen an der Grenze
11. Angriff in Santa Fe
12. Die Feuerwand
13. Gefährliches Spiel
14. Gesetzlos
15. Montales der Desperado
16. Mephistos Ende
17. Der Verräter
18. Duell in Limeville
19. Sturz in den Abgrund
20. Die Nacht des Schicksals

It was intended to publish a total of 56 books in this series. However, it seems that only 20 have been published. The number of books printed in this series is rather limited: only 200 copies per issue! Therefore, they are difficult to find, now only a few years after they were published.

In 2002 the fourth series starts. Well, series....just one book actually. Published by Kult Edtionen (Wuppertal) is a 224 pages book on A4 format. 

Der verlorene Pueblo

And finally, in 2003, the same publisher (Kult) starts the fifth series known as "the four murderers". German name is "Die gnadenlosen Vier". These books are full-color and hardcovers.

1. Der einsame Reiter
2. Die Barret-Brüder
3. Der Revolverheld von Richfield

Soon part 4 in this series will be published. Let's hope there will be more series after this one...


taken from piccolo number 5


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